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The need of increasing production and the lack of experienced welders

increased the demand for our top of the line welding equipments.

To ensure 100% repeatability,  Arcmatic designed all welding systems

to be computer controlled.


• Total computer control for all welding aspects.

• Close loop motor control - high speed precision.

• Power supply control and instant record of Amps

   and Volts during the weld. Option to replay

   the weld information later on.

• Arcmatic standard software for all systems bellow.

• Store all welding parameters for future use.

  This is warranty for perfect welds repetitions.





Narrow Gap ElectroSlag (NG-ESW)

Vertical welds only.

From 3/4"(20mm) up to 12"(300 mm) thk in single pass

Welding speed - up to 2.5"(65 mm) per minute.


• Splicing thick plates

• welding stiffeners to the column

• ... and much more

• See our production gallery


Dual (Single) carriage Gantry


• Subarc (or MIG)

• Dual (or single)  carriage

• Single or Twin or Tandem heads on each carriage

• Wire straightener - motorized and synchronized rotation

   speed with the Wire feeder speed

• Contact or non-contact probe can Control the slides

   and/or the carriage motors

• Longitude or transverse weld direction

• Travel speed - between 3 and 300 IPM 


Boom Manipulator

• Different sizes

• Motorized travel car - optional

• Pipe rotation as welding direction - optional

• All options from the Gantry unit are available

for the manipulator too.


Portable Tractor 

• Small foot print with .

• Add Arcmatic's sophisticated welding control to

  the smallest subarc unit on the market.

• Most of the options from the Gantry head unit are

  available for the portable tractor.